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Naturopathic Weight Loss Retreat Program

Stay 1 week to 4 weeks or longer. 

Have you tried the latest diets and lost weight, only to gain it all back and then some?
Are you confused by all the ever changing diet and nutrition information?
Do you feel like a failure because you can't seem to control your weight?
Is weight loss only one of many other issues in your life that you are trying to deal with?

The Naturopathic Approach: Get to the root cause of your health issues and take control of your weight.

Trendy diets are a one-size fits all approach to weight loss that doesn't address your individual needs. There are reasons why you can't control your weight and some of them may have nothing to with food. Consider the many factors that may be contributing to your weight problems and overall health:

Physiological factors: You may have other underlying medical conditions or you may be on medications that are causing you to gain weight.
Metabolic factors: Exercise is essential to controlling weight and preventing future health problems. It is also important to increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass in order to efficiently burn calories.
Behavioral factors: You may have routines and habits that are contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight.
Environmental factors: Your home and work environments play important roles in your health. You may be exposed to pollutants, chemicals and radiation.
Emotional factors: Stress, anger, grief and joy are just some of the emotions that you may be expressing or hiding with food.
Nutritional factors: Your body needs to receive the proper nourishment and nutrients in order to function optimally.


Successful weight control is more than just weight loss.

It's about becoming aware of the things that are contributing to your weight problems, challenging yourself with realistic goals and maintaining the positive changes that will establish themselves as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How naturopathic medicine can help

  1. During the initial consult and naturopathic visit comprehensive assessments and tests (if necessary) help determine why you aren't able to lose weight. This also includes body composition analysis (to determine fat and lean mass percentage, fluid levels and general health of cells), nutritional analysis of your diet and diet guidelines.

  2. It may be necessary for you take additional nutritional and herbal supplements to encourage detox, metabolism and fat burning. Acupuncture and relaxation techniques can be used to treat food addictions and cravings.

  3. Re-assessments are scheduled to monitor your progress.

  4. If you have existing health problems, it may be necessary to treat those problems first before you can expect to gain control over your weight.


The Weight Loss Cure  

The ultimate cause of obesity is an abnormal operating hypothalamus.  This causes intense and constant hunger, low metabolism, food cravings, and an abnormal excessive storing of fat in secure problem areas in the body.  The weight loss cure protocol combining the very strict and specific diet with the exact amount of natural therapies, stimulates the hypothalamus to release abnormal fat deposits in the body, thus allowing the body to lose massive amounts of this secure fat extremely quickly.  This results in a dramatic reshaping and re-sculpting of the body while retaining important structural fat and muscle mass.  Little or no hunger occurs during the protocol.  The protocol also resets the abnormal hypothalamus condition, thus eliminating constant hunger, eliminating food cravings, increasing metabolism, and normalizing the hypothalamus so that the body does not abnormally store high amounts of fat in the secure problem areas in the future. 

Detox Hawaii offers unique weight loss retreats in the picturesque area of Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. We invite you to join us for a rejuvenating vacation of peaceful relaxation, while eating gourmet organic foods prepared especially for you. Experience the invigorating and cleansing benefits of delicious raw food while you relax, enjoying the natural beauty of Manoa Valley on Oahu.

Our weight loss health retreats offer a safe, comfortable and supportive place for you to reconnect with nature and with yourself.  Come for a relaxation retreat and get a healing retreat as well.

In partnership with The Natural Wellness Center, at their bed and breakfast home style retreat, Detox Hawaii now offers small group retreats for those interested in medically supervised weight loss program.

The retreats are suitable for those who have experience with dieting, as well as those who may be brand new to a new lifestyle, but want to learn more about the amazing health benefits of eating pure and delicious organic foods. Come and learn about the our diets or experience a raw food detox. Find out why changing to a new diet lifestyle will give you the best internal cleansing and body detoxification possible.

Organic gourmet cooks will delight your taste buds with delicious healthful life-enhancing all organic food recipes, while catering to your special dietary needs.

Start your day with a cup of tea and get ready to lose those unwanted pounds. Want to focus on healing and relaxation?  Enjoy a massage at the retreat, or cleanse with a colonic one of our affiliates clinics.  We can arrange for you a wide variety of therapies including:  massage therapy, colonics, stress management, and acupuncture.

Here is some of what you will learn:

*The medical food diet programs

*How to set up your kitchen

*Learn proper food combining

*Learn about juicing & juice fasting

*How to satisfy cravings

*Arm yourself with simple, yet delicious recipes

*Learn about raw food weight loss

*Weight Loss diet plan (many medical options to choose from)

*Weight Loss Diet and Options for busy people

So come and join us and enjoy the tranquility of a retreat while enjoying the benefits of home made fresh gourmet raw food meals prepared especially for you.  If you are new to raw food, then we welcome you to experience the wonderful tastes and pleasures of delicious and wholesome raw food brought to you by The Natural Wellness Center and Detox Hawaii.  We has a great selection of weight loss approved meals for you to enjoy.

We have many exciting and revolutionary programs available for you and your health and weight loss goals.  You will find that we believe in natural health, and natural weight loss.  Contact us for your FREE weight loss consultation with one of our health professionals.


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